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The Westfield Way:  Celebrating Exemplary Service

The Westfield Way Award was started with a simple idea from a dedicated Westfield resident, Gina Sumner.


Gina frequents many restaurants in Westfield but there is one restaurant that she frequents more than any other simply because of the outstanding customer service she receives.  Gina understands and recognizes the best customer service skills because she owned her own coffee shop for years. She believes that customer service is vital to any business now more than ever since so many people can do business online. 


Gina works for Riverview Health and the hospital recognizes employees who exemplify excellent service.  She was so inspired by the level of service she consistently receives that she reached out to Mayor Andy Cook believing those who exemplify the best service deserve to be recognized in our City.  Together, the “Westfield Way Award” idea was born and we are so proud to present this program to our citizens.

Do you know someone worthy of the Westfield Way Award? Nominate them below!

Past Recipients

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