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Westfield is a fantastic community that is continuing to experience growth and development. What makes this city great is its people and their love for it. One large community engagement component of the City’s Westfield Welcome initiative is volunteering.

Whether assisting visitors to Grand Park with directions and restaurant recommendations, supporting our community events, or caring for our parks and trails, the opportunities are grand!

Become a Volunteer

We are always looking for awesome volunteers and ambassadors for our Westfield community. Sign up below as a Westfield Welcome volunteer to get involved in any of our volunteer opportunities! If you have any questions please reach out to our Hospitality Coordinator, Bailey Spitznagle, at , or submit a contact form below.

Click HERE to apply to become a volunteer!

Current Volunteers
Click HERE to access your VolunteerLocal profile and opportunities!

Trail Ambassador


Our Trail Ambassador Program partners the community with Westfield’s beautiful trails. Ambassadors can be individuals, families, groups, or organizations that are willing to maintain at least 1 mile of any trail for a 1 year period. Ambassadors are asked to focus on the three core values of the program: Beautification, Safety and Service.


Through the use of trash and/or recycle bags (self-supplied), sweep the trail or park assigned and recover any litter or natural debris that could pose a threat to safety. While park space is generally well-defined, trail space may vary greatly from section to section. Be sure to peer into wooded areas or along fence lines. Report plant concerns such as overgrown or invasive plant species. Keep an eye out for graffiti and other forms of vandalism. Gardening gloves are recommended.


Scan the physical portions of the trails for any safety hazards that may exist. This includes broken trail, dangerous trees and suspicious activity. Physical dangers should be recorded and reported to (317) 804-3184 as soon as possible. Suspicious activity should immediately be avoided and reported to the police (do not take action!) by dialing 9-1-1.


Westfield is proud of its city and its partners. Wear your organization’s gear and spread the word about the great things of the city, or simply smile and say hello to fellow travelers. Assist someone crossing the street if needed, or go the extra mile for runners on a hot day and hand out bottles of water. If the chance comes to aid a fellow resident, take it. We want everyone to feel welcome and like family in Westfield. Sometimes all it takes is a wave and a smile, but we feel there is always a little more that can be done. For more information on going the extra-mile, please take the time to complete our Super Service Online Training.

  • Monon Trail

    • 169th St. to Westfield Park Rd. – OPEN

    • Westfield Park Rd. to SR32 – OPEN

    • 206th St. to 216th St. – OPEN

    • 156th St. to 161st St. – ADOPTED

    • 161st St. to 169th St. – ADOPTED

    • SR32 to 181st St. – ADOPTED

    • 181st St. to 186th St. – ADOPTED

    • 186th St. to 191st St. – ADOPTED

    • 191st St. to 199th St. – ADOPTED

    • 196th St. to 206th St. – ADOPTED

    • Greyhound Pass to 156th St. – ADOPTED

    • 146th St. to Greyhound Pass – ADOPTED

  • Midland Trace Trail

    • Gray Rd. to Gunther – ADOPTED

    • Gunther to the Cool Creek Bridge – ADOPTED

    • Cool Creek Bridge to S. Union St. – ADOPTED

    • Monon/Midland split to Austrian Pine Way – ADOPTED

    • Austrian Pine Way to Spring Mill – ADOPTED

    • Spring Mill to Ditch – ADOPTED

  • Natalie Wheeler Trail

    • S. Union to 161st St. – OPEN

    • 161st St. to Woodside Dr. – OPEN

    • Woodside Dr. to 169th St. – OPEN

    • 169th St. to Mill St. – ADOPTED

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